Why Future Proofing You! Is My New Favorite Book

Before the books

When I first discovered Jay Samit‘s book, “Disrupt You!” in 2019 I thought that creating a highly successful business was akin to winning the lottery: it required a huge serving of luck. I dreamed of starting a business for many years prior, but the prospect of forgoing a paycheck to put myself out there and risk everything crippled me with the fear of a low chance of success.

Excitement and anticipation build

Thanks to the frameworks provided by Jay in “Disrupt You!” for generating ideas and making them a reality, I have been thinking more practically and continually coming up with business ideas. The dreams of starting a highly successful business have become much more real to me thanks to “Disrupt You!

Therefore, when I first heard that Jay would be releasing his new book, “Future Proofing You!” I was ecstatic. I pre-ordered both the audio and paper copies of the book. I listened to the audio within three days of release and I also plan to use the book as a treasured reference.


Future Proofing You!
Future Proofing You!

Revelation of a serial entrepreneur: there is a system, and you can do it too!

Future Proofing You!” builds upon the frameworks provided by “Disrupt You!” and adds so so much more important information for starting a business then running it successfully.

Jay gives very specific new details about how to choose the best business idea. He also delves into many specific details such as what to look for in a mentor, and how to structure deals with investors. He even recommends useful free software tools for digital marketing and remote worker management.

By far, the most inspiring part of the book is the way Jay Samit interleaves the story of how he mentored someone with little business experience and a difficult, low income background to make $1 million dollars in a single year. Yes, it was hard work! But hard work alone wouldn’t create $1 million in a year. There were many key differentiating decisions he used in choosing his business model and his mode of work. The choices and motivations for those decisions  are all described clearly with multiple examples in addition to his student’s story.

Time to start a business using Jay’s teachings!

That is why I can say, without a doubt, that “Disrupt You!” is my new favorite book. I feel encouraged and inspired by Jay’s books to go out and start my own business. This year, thanks largely in part to Jay’s books, I’m ready to take the leap. I’m ready to spend all of my time evaluating, testing, and building my business ideas into a reality that will solve problems for the masses. I also encourage anyone else who has ever dreamed of starting a business but had no idea where to start to go read Jay’s books, “Future Proofing You!” and “Disrupt You!

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