Creative AI for Business

I found an interesting book recently called “Disrupt You!” by serial entrepreneur Jay Samit.

He makes finding business ideas and starting businesses sound somewhat systematic.

He says something like, “All you have to do is analyze the value chain in whatever you are doing and find parts of it that you don’t like, are too expensive or too slow. Then you can find some new technology or different application of existing technology to help solve that problem.”

Thinking of it this way, along with a recent question from a friend of mine, makes me think that maybe we could create a program that could break down the time and expense of every step of everything on the marketplace, then find the slowest + most expensive things automatically. This would give many business ideas. Programs like this may already exist for supply chain management.

If we categorize each of those slow/expensive things as a type of action, then compare it to a list of all the new technologies that have arisen in the last ten years and estimate the potential for disruption. With such a system, we could accelerate the pace of change in the world even more.

What do you think?

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