Episode 3: John Sosa, CEO of Mipar Image Analysis Software

John Sosa, Ph.D, shared how he started as a motivated engineering student who wrote a software that filled the need for easier, more repeatable image analysis in his lab group. John explained how he achieved success by leveraging a supportive user base and work environment combined with his dedication to continuous improvement of the product.

Additionally, John explained some of the lessons he learned and changes in focus he had to make to go from the creator/founder role of his business to CEO of an organization. He also discussed the business lessons he learned and the strategies he took to maintain growth. Furthermore, he shared his vision for the future of MIPAR.

Dr. Sosa, his team, and Mipar’s customers have worked to develop the software into something that is so informative and easy-to-use, it is now a first-principles image analysis teaching tool in many universities. Visit https://www.mipar.us/ for more information. Thank you for the inspiration John!

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